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China Knitting Soft Scarf Yarn

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Our History
2011-Wenzhou Maowei Textile Co., Ltd established
2012-2018 Sold fancy yarns to all over the country
2018-Wenzhou Maochuan Textile Co., Ltd established
2018-Now Sold fancy yarns all over the world
Our Factory
The factory area is 16000 square meters. And we have professional R&D Team to research the newest fancy yarn and sold to the market. There are 100 sets equipment in our factory. And we also have 900 sets equipment in other factory to do outward processing.  
Our Product
1. Feather yarn/ Mink hair yarn 2. Crystal yarn 3. Core spun yarn 4. Centipede like yarn
Product Application
Our fancy yarns can be used for sweaters, socks, scarves, knitting garments, and some ornament on the home textile products.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
We have the advanced equipment--980 crochet machine, which can produce more than 200 kinds of fancy yarns.
Production Market
USA, Pakistan, India, Japan, Korea, Russia
Our Service
1. Industrial and Trading Company, welcome to visit our factory.
2. Reasonable and competitive price, we can provide more lower price than other trading company.
3. With advanced equipment and excellent technology, provide high quality products.
4. Provide customized order.
5. Any problem just feel free to contact us, we will reply within 12 hours.China Knitting Soft Scarf Yarn

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